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Giving Made Easy!

Quick – Easy – Secure.

Our on-line giving platform, called Abundant, allows you (parishioners and guests) to give online, via text, our website, our mobile app and our QR code, securely from anywhere at any time. You can give one-time gifts or set up recurring donations, manage your gifts, and even view your online giving history.  By giving online, you eliminate church envelopes, writing checks and visits to the ATM or bank to withdraw cash. The payment methods available for giving are debit and credit cards and a bank or savings account (ACH). After the initial setup, giving is Quick, Easy, and Secure. Abundant is fully integrated with our Church Office management system.  No more manual entry of gifts which reduces the administrative work for the ministry that serves you. 

There are four ways to give using the Abundant Online Giving program:
  • Text – Text SJB939 to 73256
  • Weblink – https://abundant.co/sjbcathedral
  • Mobile App – Go to your the App Store on your smartphone. Download the app called Abundant Giving. 
  • QR Code 

How to setup an Abundant Online Giving Account 

Note: You can give without setting up an account.


If you are using other Online giving programs for donations such as Acceptiva, E-Check or ACH from your bank or savings account or any other means, please ensure you Cancel those gifts and payment methods before setting up an Abundant Online Giving account. You do not want to risk giving twice.

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Set up your contribution by filling out the form. You can either give a “one-time” contribution or set up a “recurring” contribution. 
  • Once you have filled out the form – be sure to include your email address – and once you submit the contribution – you will receive a screen that says the following:
    • Says “Thank you” for your gift 
    • Provides you with a confirmation number for your gift 
    • In the section, “Before You Go” – it will give you the opportunity to create an account. Check the box and you can create a username and password.
    • You now have a new online giving account.

Questions or concerns? 

We encourage you to give Online Giving a try today!
If you have any questions or need assistance, email Pam Shaughnessy or contact the Church Office at 318-221-5296.  We are ready to assist you.

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