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Everyone in our parish now has free, unlimited access to FORMED!

We are pleased to introduce, a powerful online resource for Catholics.
This wonderful website contains feature movies, informational videos, bible studies, inspiring audio talks, and more, from presenters like Bishop Robert Barron, Scott Hahn, Edward Sri, and more.

During this stay-at-home mandate,  we encourage you to use the resources on this site to fill your days with prayer and blessings.  The Cathedral Parish is pleased to offer this resource to our parishioners – free as part of our parish subscription.

To register, simply click this link,, and then click “Register Now.”
If you encounter any problems registering, call the helpline (844) 367-6331.

God bless you.

Great Resources For Helping Us Grow In Faith 

Take a look at some of the recommended FORMED materials – great movies, videos, talks & studies- for the entire family:

Adults – Middle School & Above

  1. Joseph of Nazareth – The Story of the Man Closest to Christ
  2. Forgiven Session 1: Where are You
  3. Forgiven Session 2: An Encounter with Mercy
  4. Forgiven Session 3: Embraced in Mercy: The Rite Explained
  5. In the Footsteps of Saint Patrick
  6. Presence Session 1: God is With Us
  7. Presence Session 2: The Story of the Eucharist
  8. Presence Session 3: Bread for the Journey


  1. The Suite Case – A Story About Giving
  2. The Story of St. Patrick
  3. The Eucharist for Little Children
  4. Brother Francis – Let’s Pray! A Lesson on Prayer
  5. Mother Teresa: Seeing the Face of Jesus

If you have trouble registering, please visit this page. Or call their help line, 1-844-367-6331 (Mon-Fri, 8-5 mountain time).

With FORMED you’ll find video programs that explain the Catholic faith, explore the deepest meaning of marriage, receive bible studies on a variety of topics and include inspiring audio talks. You’ll find presenters like Bishop Robert Barron, Fr. Michael Gaitley, Scott Hahn, Edward Sri, Dr. Mary Healey, Tim Gray, Chris Stefanik and many more. They’re all part of our parish subscription. It truly is the Catholic faith—on demand. For example, there is an excellent full-length movie on the life of Saint Mother Teresa.

FORMED is powered by the Augustine Institute and Ignatius Press, and features content from these trusted Catholic apostolates and many others. Don’t wait – Get Connected!

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And NOW You can Access the FORMED APP… On the GO! All the great Catholic content on FORMED, anytime, anywhere.

There are two ways to get FORMED right at your fingertips:

  1. Apple users can download the iOS app.
  2. Android users can use FORMED on the go with easy instructions.

It’s easy to begin.  

Register today: (find your parish: Cathedral of St. John Berchmans and sign up, click next box).


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