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The Ministry of Usher is open to all called to welcome and offer assistance to visitors and parishioners to all who attend Mass. Ushers are needed at all Masses. The time commitment is minimal-just an extra 20 minutes before your Mass and 10 minutes after. Anyone 18 years of age or older and a member of our parish can become an Usher and Greeter.

If you are interested in helping with this Cathedral ministry, please call the Cathedral Office for information on how to join.

The Use of Ushers

The use of Ushers as gatekeepers and temple guards is deeply rooted in Scripture and tradition. Today, ushers are one of the first and last of the ministers seen at the Cathedral Parish. Some people will visit the Cathedral for the first time, some may be looking for a new church home, others may be returning to their church home after a long absence, still others Ushers see weekly. This is part of the reason it is so important to exhibit a warm welcome that reflects the love of God to all worshipers helping them to enter more easily and more fully into the liturgical celebration. Whether Ushers realize it or not, they help each person who gathers for worship know that he or she is welcome and valued. As the Rule of St. Benedict says, we are to welcome each person as if welcoming Christ.


The role of Ushers requires both a commitment to Christ who is alive in His Church and a commitment to those who assemble to pray and worship in His name.  Also, Ushers are asked to arrive 20-30 minutes before Mass begins and offer assistance in tidying the church after Mass.

What This Ministry Can Do For You

This ministry is a great opportunity to meet parishioners of the Cathedral Parish while performing a vital service which is to enhance a person’s participation of and appreciation for the Mass/Liturgy.


The desired number for this ministry is 4 per Mass, which could include families, and both the young and old (generally high school age and above). Our parish needs good men and women dedicated to this ministry.

Strangers need to be put at ease; visitors need to be welcomed; the physically and mentally handicapped need to experience the love of the community.

Usher Tasks Include

— arrive early to locate seat, prepare collection baskets, etc.
— welcome and seat people, making them comfortable, maintaining decorum,
— monitor and place “lot full” signs when parking lots are filled,
— take up the collection(s),
— provide an account of attendance,
— lead the faithful to Holy Communion,
— prepare the church for the next Mass,
— and serve as assistants to the Security team, in case of emergencies.

Want to join the Usher – Greeter Ministry?

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