CCD Family Faith Formation

The Mission of Family Faith Formation

Our mission is to assist parents in forming their children into disciples who know and love Jesus Christ and are active members of their Parish family.  We are here to support parents in walking closely with their children as they grow in knowledge and practice of the Catholic faith. We assist parents in forming a new generation of young Catholics who know and love Jesus Christ and live the Catholic faith as His disciples in the community of the Catholic Church.

We strive to instill in our families a deeper union with Christ through encouraging regular attendance at Mass and reception of the Sacraments.

Commitment of Parent and Child

Parents and families are involved in the learning process, empowered to be their child’s primary educator through life: in the Catholic  faith, in school, and in the world.  The family is the child’s first community of grace and prayer, and each child’s first school of Christian values,  virtues, including charity.

“Teach a child to choose the right path and when he is older
he will remain upon it.” ~ Proverbs 22:6

When you submit a registration form for CCD Family Faith Formation, you make a commitment to and acknowledge these important criteria.

  • Regular attendance 
  • Attend Parent Meetings
  • Attend Parish Family Days
  • Attend all Sacramental Retreats
  • Attend Witnessing Sessions
  • Regular Attendance at Sunday Mass as a Family (and Holy Days of Obligation)
  • Commitment to Family Prayer and working with your child to reinforce the CCD lessons
  • Be a registered member of St. John Berchmans Cathedral or have a letter of permission from your Pastor
  • Be willing to share your gifts and talents as a CCD volunteer 
  • Assist your children in learning and experiencing the Catholic Faith

Announcements / Upcoming Events 


2   CCD Training
26 Religious Education Retreat

10  9:30-10:40 – CCD Student/Parent
17  9:30-10:40 Class/Teen Faith Formation
Catechetical Sunday
24  9:30-10:40 Class
30  Western Deanery Youth Program

1  9:30-10:40 Parish Family Day
Respect Life Sunday Rosary
8  9:30-10:40 No Class
15 9:30-10:40 Class/Teen Faith Formation
22 9:30-10:40 Class
29 9:30-1040 Class

  CCD Calendar 2023-2024

Living the Catholic Faith

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