Putting on the Heart of Christ

Putting on the Heart of Christ by Gerald M. Fagin, SJ, offers a fresh look at the Spiritual Exercises through the lens of virtue ethics. In doing so, the book encourages us to become the kind of person whose very life is in tune with the heart of Christ. Dr. Cheryl White and Mr. Gregory Laroux will guide and provide insight and reflection on the 15 virtues throughout the book, including gratitude, reverence, and forgiveness. We will explore the Spiritual Exercises and the life of St. Ignatius, as well as within the context of Scripture. We will reflect on virtue ethics and the Spiritual Exercises to help us think beyond. What has God called me to, and to think quite specifically in terms of Who has God called me to be.

Summer AFF Program 2023 – Putting on the Heart of Jesus

NOTE: For those who placed an order for the book, they will be in the office for pickup beginning on Monday, June 5. If you did not order – it’s not too late to participate in the discussion of course, but you will need to order your own copy.  You can find the title at Loyola Press, or on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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