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Pre K 4 & Kindergarten

Curriculum for PreK4 & Kindergarten

Our Sunday Visitor’s Allelu program is designed for five – year old children to help them study and experience the wonders of creation. Children are filled with awe and come to realize not only the goodness, power, and wisdom of God but also God’s love for them.

The lessons include a variety of activities geared to the learning styles and abilities of four and five – year olds: play, games, sensory experiences, manipulative activities, stories, poems, and songs.

Our Sunday Visitor religion program includes the study of Catholic doctrine and traditions, scripture, social justice, participation in prayer, liturgical worship experiences, instruction in and reception of the sacraments, and service to others.

Required Prayers: Sign of the Cross, Glory Be.  Optional prayers for Kindergarten are The Lord’s Prayer (Our Father), Hail Mary, Guardian Angel and Grace before Meals.

Catechetical Goals for K 4 & 5

Prayers to be Learned:
Hail Mary
Grace before Meals (Age Appropriate)
Spontaneous prayer for others
(Prayer intentions)
Mass responses (Continue)

Key Concepts:
Family: our own family, church,
community, and Holy Family
Respect for Name of Jesus,
Holy Spirit, etc
Introduce Liturgical Calendar
Difference between right and wrong
Introduce Pope and priests

Developmental Overview:
This age is overall a time of great happiness. And it is a time of great change. During this year, children may go from being cautious and compliant to uncertain and oppositional. They are still physically active but have less energy than three and four year olds. They need consistent rules and enforcement; they respond well to clear and simple expectations and need empathetic discipline as they test limits and make mistakes. They think very literally (raining cats and dogs). They often think out loud before acting. Their word count is now at 2,500.00. Individual attention, affirmation and approval are important. They dislike being compared to other children. It is helpful to use their names in a positive way – birthdays, baptism dates, patron saint days. To assist the children in developing a sense of responsibility and service, rotate simple chores. They are naturally social and like telling jokes. These little ones are growing in the knowledge of “I” am a person of worth and dignity and that God made “me” and God loves “me.” They need the reassurance that God’s love comes through a loving concerned adult presence. They need to experience and associate God with positive joyful occasions as well as with times that “I can tell God I’m sorry for the things I do wrong.” At this age they are able to phrase simple prayers. They should be exposed to Scripture.

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