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EMHC/Reader Schedule

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Reader-EMHC Schedule – March, 2020 – May, 2020


Important note – March 2020

Hi Cathedral Liturgical Ministers-

Please see the memo below from Bishop Malone regarding the coronavirus:

Memo to:    Clergy, Religious and the Faithful in the Diocese of Shreveport
From:          Bishop Francis I. Malone
Date:            March 2, 2020
Re:               Active Response to the Coronavirus

The increasing growth and spread of the coronavirus has become a worldwide threat.  We hear daily reports of its spread with few indications of a cure.  This, in itself, calls for a common sense response in our daily lives.  Consistent with many other bishops throughout the country, I offer the following instructions which I hope will be helpful to you.

Those who feel ill should not attend Mass;
I strongly encourage the temporary discontinuation of the Precious Blood at Mass;
Members of the faithful should be encouraged (not required) to receive Communion in the hand rather than on the tongue;
Eucharistic Ministers should be reminded to wash (sanitize) their hands prior to and after the distribution of the Eucharist;
Where there is a custom of holding hands during the Lord’s Prayer, this should be discouraged;
As an alternate to shaking hands at the sign of peace, a bow might be suggested.
Finally, an inclusion of prayers for a cure should be included in the universal prayers we offer at Mass.

After meeting with Fr. Duane and Carol Gates, our Pastoral Associate this morning, these are the following steps that will go into effect beginning this weekend, March 8:  The Liturgical Ministers come in contact with the congregation and each other in serving various other ministries.  Please be mindful of Bishop Malone’s instructions as they may relate to you in fulfilling those ministries. These are specific actions to be taken by the EMHCs, but I have included all Liturgical Ministers.
In the spirit of Bishop Malone’s instruction, when you are serving the Body of Christ, before going to your position behind the altar, go to the credence table and use the hand sanitizer.  It is acceptable, and even encouraged, that the congregation see this measure, for their peace of mind.  Then, go to your position behind the altar.  Likewise, after distribution of the Body of Christ, go to the credence table and use the hand sanitizer again before returning to your place in the pew.
When distributing the Body of Christ, make an effort to encourage the communicants the reception of the consecrated host in their hand, not on their tongue.  After Mass, it is strongly recommended to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Thank you for your service and your attention to these details,
Mary Kay Townley

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