AFF Spring 2019

Spring 2019 VIDEO SERIES

Class listing:

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Class Date Class Title Presenter Video
1/20/19 Prayer in Context: Earliest Christian Influences Dr. Cheryl White
1/27/19 Basics of the Mass: An Overview Fr. Duane Trombetta
2/3/19 Scriptural and Historical Roots of the Mass Fr. Duane Trombetta
2/10/19 The Roman Missal Fr. Peter Mangum
2/17/19 I Believe…The Foundations of the Creed Dr. Cheryl White
2/24/19 Obligation and Opportunity: Mass Attendance Fr. James McLelland
3/3/19 Difficulties in Prayer Most Reverend Alfred Hughes
Archbishop Emeritus, Archdiocese of New Orleans
3/10/19 Reflection on Research Trip to France Fr. Peter Mangum
3/17/19 The Real Presence of Christ Deacon John Basco Video
3/31/19 Meditations on the Shroud of Turin Fr. Andrew Dalton, Legionaries of Christ
Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum, Rome
4/7/19 May the Saints Intercede for Us Dr. Cheryl White
4/14/19 Prayer Life Expressed in Literature and Art Dr. Helen Taylor, Louisiana State University at Shreveport Video
4/28/19 Exploring the Rosary and Marian Devotions Dr. Cheryl White Video
5/5/19  Shroud of Turin Q & A Barrie Schwortz and Dr. Cheryl White



5/12/19 May the Saints Intercede for Us Dr. Cheryl White Video

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