AFF Fall 2019



Class Date Class Title Presenter Video
9/15/19 Rhythm of Life / Liturgical Calendar Fr. Duane Trombetta Click here:

9/22/19 Fall of Empire, Rise of Church, Part I Dr. Cheryl White  


9/29/19 Fall of Empire, Rise of Church, Part II Dr. Cheryl White  


10/13/19 Medieval Hagiography Dr. Helen Taylor  


10/27/19 No Such Thing as the “Dark Ages” Dr. Cheryl White  


11/3/19 A Sacramental Life Fr. James McLelland  


11/10/19 The Music of the Soul Aaron Wilson  


11/24/19 Catholic Social Teaching W. Ryan Smith  


12/8/19 Art & Architecture: The World of the Medieval Cathedral Fr. Duane Trombetta  


12/15/19 Renaissance Splendor Dr. Cheryl White


Spring 2019 VIDEO SERIES

Class listing:

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5/5/19  Shroud of Turin Q & A Barrie Schwortz and Dr. Cheryl White



5/12/19 May the Saints Intercede for Us Dr. Cheryl White Video

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Fr. Raney - Easter Special Series
April 2, 5:30pm , Parish Hall
Adriana Acutis: April 3, 6:00pm
The Divine Mercy Image - Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit of Blessed Carlos Acutis
Rescue Project - Experience the Gospels
April 6, 9:00am, Parish Hall
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