AFF: Adult Faith Formation

What is Adult Faith Formation?

Adult Faith Formation attends to our heart, our mind, our soul, and our body. It is an integrated understanding of who we are as beloved children of God, who are continually urged to know, love, and serve God more fully. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops describes adult faith formation as an essential process inviting Catholic Christians to integrate their own life experiences with knowledge of the faith, love of God, and love of neighbor. It is a complete initiation into the life of the Church as a way of forming a Christian conscience and a desire to act as Christ’s hands and feet in the world.

The Three Main Goals of Adult Faith Formation

  1. Invite and Enable Ongoing Conversion to Jesus in Holiness of Life.
  2. Promote and Support Active Membership in the Christian Community.
  3. Call and Prepare Adults to Act as Disciples in Mission to the World.


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Cathedral of St. John Berchmans Parish Pastoral Plan 2016-2020
Goal III.  Adult Faith Formation and Evangelization.
Offer a wide range of ongoing Adult Faith Formation activities, including spiritual and educational gatherings, as part of a life-long process of growth in prayer, relationship with the Lord, and knowledge of His teachings as articulated by the Church Jesus founded.



Catholic Retrospective webpage

Each episode is 9 minutes long.

Episode 1:  Catholic Retrospective:  The Church Catholic and Apostolic

Episode 2:  Transcending History with the Eyes of Faith

Episode 3:  Can the Church be in Error?

Episode 4:  Did Martin Luther Intend to Start a New Church?

Episode 5:  Catholic Europe and Response to Martin Luther

Episode 6:  The Problem of Sola Scriptura

Episode 7:  The Catholic Reformation/Council of Trent

Episode 8:  True Reformers

Episode 9:  The Renewal of Mysticism

Episode 10:  The Ongoing Call to Reconcile With Each Other



2017-2018 Sunday Morning
Adult Faith Formation
9:15am in the Parish Hall
First Session: Sept 17

AFF Fall 2017 booklet Fullness of Truth

2018 Faith Formation booklet

LISTEN TO SEPT 24, DR. CHERYL WHITE’S TALK: “The Church Catholic and Apostolic: The First 1500 Years of the Faith, Part I” 

Cathedral of St. John Berchmans
Adult Faith Formation

Fall 2017 Schedule of Events ~ Fullness of Truth booklet

Father Peter’s Catholic Retrospective Podcasts

October 15 AFF talk, Bishop Duca on Ecumenism

October 22 AFF Talk, Dr. Cheryl White, The Late Medieval Church, the Bad Popes and the Cry for Reform

Project Gutenberg – 95 Theses Against the Sale of Indulgences by Martin Luther

October 29 AFF Talk, Cheryl White, Martin Luther – 95 Theses – The Great Protest – Catholic Teaching on Indulgences

November 5 AFF Talk, Cheryl White, Council of Trent

November 12, Dr. Helen Wise, Demographics of Religion in America: Trends in Catholicism

November 19, Msgr. LaCaze, The Original Thanksgiving

December 3, Cheryl White, Advent – The Incarnation


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Project Gutenberg- 95 Theses Against the Sale of Indulgences by Martin Luther

Part I

The Shroud of Turin, Part II
video 1:
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