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Prayer for a New Bishop for the Diocese of Shreveport

Let us join together in praying at every Mass for our new bishop. Indeed there is something inspiring about knowing the future third Bishop of Shreveport is out there working in the Church so it makes our prayers very concrete. Pray for him in his pursuit of holiness and for his zeal for and love of the Church as Jesus Christ founded it.

All glory to You, Lord our God,
our eternal Shepherd and Guide.
In your faithfulness,
grant to the Diocese of Shreveport
a shepherd whose watchful care and kindly zeal
will be a constant witness of faith and love
to the people entrusted to his care.
In Your love for us,
may he strive to live more and more each day
with holiness of life and heroic virtue
so that he will lead Your holy people in all truth
by being Christ’s heart of mercy,
voice of hope, and mind of justice.

Prepare him, we humbly pray, to fill our minds and hearts
with the truth of the Gospel,
the power of the sacraments,
and the desire to actively work to build up your holy Church.
Through Jesus Christ. Amen

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