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Mr. Trey Woodham

​April 15, 2021

To the Parents, Faculty, Parishioners, and Friends of the Cathedral of St. John Berchmans Catholic School:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Risen Lord:

St. John Berchmans Church has been in the ministry of education since its foundation in 1902.  Our Cathedral School was founded almost 75 years ago and it continues to be the largest ministry of our parish.

Dr. Jennifer Deason submitted her resignation, effective April 15, 2021.

She served as a counselor, assistant principal, and principal (2017-2021).  The Cathedral Parish and school thank her for her service to the faculty,  students, and families of the SJB community!

I am pleased to announce that Mr. Trey Woodham will take over as Principal to close out this school year and will see us through the next generation of students.  He is not only qualified to lead as an educator and administrator but, more importantly, he manifests a deep, personal faith, with a fervent love for the Church and Her teachings, and expresses a sincere commitment to the children entrusted to his care as well as to our faculty.  His role as Assistant Principal the past four years, delegated with many of the duties of a principal, will seamlessly transfer to the role of Principal, which he sees as his calling from God, and his life’s mission.

Mr. Woodham is a life-long Catholic, product of Catholic education, graduating from Christ the King in 1992 and from Loyola in 1996.  He has his master’s degree in education from LSUS and is certified in Secondary Education.  He received a Catholic School Leadership Certificate from Loyola Marymount University, a private Jesuit university in Los Angeles.

He has been part of the Catholic school system for 27 of the 42 years of his life: 15 as a student, 8 as a teacher and 4 as an administrator.  He and his wife Laura, also a cradle Catholic, have three beautiful children: Walker, Chase and Natalie.  Walker and Chase are already part of the SJB Family in grades K4 & K3. Natalie will join our SJB family in just over a year.

Mr. Woodham’s philosophy is that the purpose of Catholic education is to provide each student with a unique encounter with Christ by means of his or her formal schooling. Catholic education has the obligation to balance faith and reason by developing the whole child: mind, body, and soul. Through this formation, Catholic education does not only seek to form productive citizens of society but, more importantly, to form faithful and merciful servants of Holy Mother Church.

On August 13, 2021, we commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of our patron, SJB.  We already look forward to the new academic year, which will be “The Year of St. John Berchmans,” and we will focus on our patron’s life and virtues, especially as he is the patron saint of students!

As the rector of the Cathedral Parish, I firmly believe that Mr. Woodham will build on the strengths of our past and will set forth a vision to ensure that a St. John Berchmans’ formation is grounded in the heart of Christ and in the mind of the Church. I ask that faculty and staff, parents and parishioners, open their hearts to welcome Mr. Woodham as he assumes this new leadership role and provide him with the resources necessary to ensure a smooth transition as we move forward in the days, weeks, and months ahead.  May we hold each other in prayer in this time of transition and new beginnings!

Yours faithfully,

Fr. Peter B. Mangum

PS:   Please watch this video of me with our new principal. 

The Catholic school principal serves not only as the educational leader but also as the spiritual exemplar of the school. Emphasizing qualities of excellence, commitment, creativity, and innovation in all school endeavors, the principal guides a community committed to the development of the whole child. The principal is responsible for establishing, demonstrating, and promoting the highest standards and expectations for academic performance, behavior, and spiritual growth of all students, as well as directing and nurturing all members of the school staff and the school parents, who are recognized as the primary educators of their own children. Current research confirms that the academic and spiritual success of a Catholic school is greatly influenced by the administrative skill, educational expertise, and moral integrity of the principal.

Fr. Peter B. Mangum

Rector of Cathedral
Judicial Vicar
Chancellor for Canonical Affairs







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