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PLEASE JOIN US in helping the people of the Diocese of Lake Charles

TANGIBLE ITEMS – please bring your donations to the Catholic Center by Friday, Sept 4




  • Second Collection for the Diocese of Lake Charles – Hurricane Relief, this weekend at all Masses, Sept 5/6

Thank you so much for joining us in providing help to our neighbors in need!



Dear Pastors,

As you know Hurricane Laura inflicted catastrophic damage in south Louisiana, in particular, in the Diocese of Lake Charles.  I have been in contact with Bishop Glen Provost as to what we as a diocese can do to assist them.  As you can imagine their needs are many and immediate.

There are two (2) ways in which we can be of assistance to them in the immediate future, because their needs are immediate.  First, I am asking each parish in the diocese to take up a collection this weekend, September 5th & 6th, 2020 and forward that collection to Jill Braniff, Diocesan Fiscal Officer, at:  Diocese of Shreveport, 3500 Fairfield Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana  71104.  Please make the checks payable to:  “Diocese of Shreveport” with a notation:  Hurricane Relief – Diocese of Lake Charles.  Realizing that Monday is Labor Day, if you could forward the amount of the collection on Tuesday, September 8th, we can get the funds to the Diocese of Lake Charles as quickly as possible. 

Upon receipt of this email, if you would work within your parish over the next couple of days, there are two (2) tangible items that are needed immediately, one being tarps.  Most of the damage from the hurricane includes roof damage, thus the need for tarps to protect the buildings from further damage due to any further rain.  The second immediate need is bottled water as there is no potable (drinkable) water for most of the area.  Bottled water is a critical item.

This is what I purpose:  for those in the vicinity or close to Shreveport, if you are able to acquire tarps or bottled water, bring these items to the Catholic Center by Friday, September 4th.  We will have a truck at the Catholic Center to receive these items.  Our goal is to deliver items as soon as possible to Lake Charles.  For those in the Monroe area, please deliver the items to St. Paschal Church, West Monroe.  Please contact the parish office, as the items will be placed in the gymnasium.  For those in the Southern Deanery, the collection sites will be at St. Joseph Church, Zwolle, St. John the Baptist Church, Many and St. Joseph Church, Mansfield.  The truck from Shreveport will stop at each of these locations to retrieve the items collected in the Southern Deanery.

You may also be contacted by any of the following people regarding tarps and bottled water:  Jim Beadles, Society of St. Vincent de Paul; Randy Tiller, my Executive Administrative Assistant or Father Matthew Long, our vicar general.  Each of these gentlemen will be speaking on my behalf.

Lastly, but most importantly, please include in all your Sunday Liturgies recovery from the hurricane for the Diocese of Lake Charles.  If you have any questions, please email Father Long at:

Sincerely yours in Christ,

+Francis I. Malone

Bishop of Shreveport


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