Engaged Couples Weekend at the Cathedral

Dear Priests & Deacons & Marriage Coordinators,

For those of you who encourage or require your engaged couples to attend an Engaged Couples Weekend as part of your Pre-Cana, we welcome them to the Cathedral’s ECW. 

2022 dates: Feb 25-26, June 24-25, Oct 14-15.

Registration is easy:   

– FIRST the priest/deacon/or marriage coordinator Must RECOMMEND the couple, by sending an email to our Church Office (dotstanford@sjbcathedral.org) noting the following:

–  couples’ complete names, phone numbers and email addresses  and that they have already begun pre-Cana in your parish,

– that the review of their results of FOCCUS or PREPARE AND ENRICH will have been completed before the ECW ,

–  name of the person responsible for preparing the couple,

– name of the priest/deacon who will do their wedding.

THEN and only then will we contact the couple to let them know how to complete their registration.

Helpful info:

–          Couples will only benefit by attending this program early in their engagement (ECW is not intended for couples who are within 3 months of their wedding date).

–          ECW is only for young couples for whom this is the first marriage for both of them (not for older couples or those who have been previously married, whether widowed or divorced). 

–          Registration must take place 30 days prior to the Engaged Couples Weekend

–          Fee: $175 per couple (to cover the expenses)

–          Attached graphic can be used on your website/bulletin/facebook page.

Please let Dotye or me know of any questions you might have. We are so happy to make this program available to assist you in preparing couples, not so much for a beautiful wedding, but for a beautiful, sacred marriage!
Fr. Peter

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