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Questions you may have asked

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?

– How is the Catholic Christian faith different from other Christian religions?
– Will being a member of the Catholic Church make a difference in my life?
– Will being a Catholic help me develop and strengthen my relationship with God?
– Will my participation in the Mass and the sacraments really enhance the fullness of life for me that is promised in the Scriptures and help me in my pilgrimage to heaven?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, the RCIA process will help you answer them. Life is a journey on which a person is constantly learning, growing, and changing. This process is a step in that journey and lays the groundwork, through information and experiences, in helping you decide if you want to be a member of the Catholic faith. The RCIA will provide you the opportunity to ask questions, pray, and experience what is meant by being a Catholic Christian and entering into a relationship with God and the Catholic community.

For more information please contact Deacon John Basco at either  or (318) 221-5296.

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