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What do I need to know to be an RCIA sponsor?

For adults who are Catholic, RCIA involves a number of ministries such as catechist, hospitality and sponsor to name only a few. Many parishioners have found RCIA to be helpful in their own faith journey as they come to join in the prayer and teachings that characterize many gatherings of RCIA. These same parishioners have often commented that RCIA enabled the experience of faith to come alive.

The RCIA process requires that every inquirer have a sponsor.  Many times the inquirer does not know any Catholics.  The RCIA is always in need of sponsors for these inquirers of the Catholic faith.  Sponsors do not have to know everything about the Church—they are not the catechists for the inquirers, but rather are the inquirer’s companion on their journey of faith. Sponsors serve as a representative of the Church and assist the RCIA candidate as they prepare to receive the appropriate initiation sacraments. Sponsors serve as a guide and example for the inquirer.  Sponsors introduce the inquirer to the parish and the parish to inquirer, by attending Mass, social gatherings and  other events together.

The Church asks that sponsors be present for the candidate at the several Rites throughout the process and at as many of the RCIA sessions throughout the year as able.

The RCIA process will help the sponsor grow in faith. In addition to guiding the inquirer on their journey in the faith, the RCIA process also allows the sponsor to, while on their own faith journey, review the teachings of the Church and grow in their love of God, neighbor and their faith!


Requirements for Sponsors:

  • Must be: 16+ years of age, confirmed, living a prayer-filled and faith-filled life and in good standing with the Catholic Church.
  • If not a registered parishioner of St. John’s, please ask your pastor to mail us a letter stating that you are in good standing in your parish.
  • Attend a class on what it means to be a sponsor during one of the first RCIA classes.

If you or someone you know is interested in growing in their Catholic Faith as a sponsor, please contact Deacon John Basco at either  or (318) 221-5296.  We would love to hear from you.


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