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Cathedral Renovations 2014

The Cathedral is the place of the bishop’s chair, the cathedra.  In the early 1990′s, a cathedra was built from parts of the communion rail and was attached to the reredos, the white marble high altar.  Ever since his arrival as our bishop, Bishop Duca has spoken about moving the location of the cathedra to a more traditional location, to the left of the altar, so as to be closer to the people.  With this in mind, you may recall a few years back that the ambo/pulpit was moved from the left side of the altar to the right, to prepare the space for the bishop’s chair.

On January 13, the renovation began with the removal of the black slate from the sanctuary (to be relocated to the ambulatory), the preparation of the transept walls for the new shrine areas, and the removal of the central tabernacle for restoration.

2014 Projects in the Cathedral:

  1. New Cathedra placed left of the altar on a platform
  2. Tabernacle/Sanctuary Lamp restored to original location; reconstruction of tabernacle altar
  3. Relocation of black slate from sanctuary to ambulatory; installation of new sanctuary marble
  4. New deacon and server chairs
  5. Renovated confessionals to better utilize space
  6. Improved lighting
  7. Improved vestibule (front gathering space)
  8. Creation of two new shrines
  9. Routine enhancement of Cathedral’s liturgical spaces, e.g. painting.

Thank you so much to all who have contributed to the Cathedral Renovation! 

All donor names and memorials will be inscribed in our memorial book.  If you have not already made a donation, consider making a contribution to this project in honor of or in memory of a loved one.

Together with the Parish Pastoral & Finance Councils, we recognize the pastoral advantage of these projects. These improvements will enhance our worship space, and thus our liturgies, for generations.


High Altar Relief

On August 17, 2014, Bishop Michael G. Duca dedicated our sculpted relief of this scene in our high altar. Learn More.

Click Here to contribute to the Cathedral Renovations 2014 project.

Visit our Facebook page to see photographs of the renovations.

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