Responding Together – COVID 19

In face of the pandemic, together we respond …

Updated July 14, 2020

On March 22, 2020, our Governor announced that our state would need to shelter-at-home based on the serious, swift spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19. The Louisiana bishops followed with their orders regarding gatherings for Mass and other church-related events.

Bishop Malone dispensed the faithful from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass. With the return to Mass on May 16, this dispensation remains in effect, as many of the faithful, because of health risks, age, and other concerns, remain at home. Our Sunday obligation remains: keep holy the Lord’s Day, attend Mass in person, if possible (if unable, attend virtually either live-streamed or viewing a recording later in the day).

Together as a parish family, we have responded to the continued pandemic threat.  Together, we will continue to worship and practice safe measures of sanitizing hands upon entering the building and santizing all surfaces in the Church between Masses. Know that the church will never be a completely sterile environment; this is not a perfect world. We do not claim to be experts. However, we are making our very best effort towards santizing and prativing caution, as each of us in turn should do, as well as practice kindness and patience.


Provide as safe an environment as possible.
Sanitize the church after each Mass.
Offer livestreaming and recordings of Masses for those unable to attend.
Schedule greeters for each Mass, to open doors and sanitize hands.
Offer use of restrooms for emergency use only.


Stay healthy – stay at home if you are not feeling well or are vulnerable in an at-risk group.
Wear your face mask and encourage others to do the same.
Be safe.  Clean hands often.
Do not touch surfaces. Use restroom at home.
Be kind.  Be respectful.  Be patient.   Be flexible.


If you are considered a vulnerable person, stay at home.
If you exhibit COVID-19 symptoms or any other illness, stay at home.


Arrival: all, except the handicap needing assistance, are to enter through from main doors, maintaining 6’ physical distancing.
Wear a mask to Mass – this applies to all 7 and older.  During the Mass,
keep mask on, except when it is your turn to receive Holy Communion.
Do not touch surfaces: pews, kneelers, door handles, etc.
Seating is limited to 25%; pews are marked to indicate open seats.
Physical Distancing: at all times, maintain at least 6 feet from everyone who does not live with you.
Sit towards the center of the row so that others can sit on ends.

Holy Communion: all will process in a single row towards the altar (exception: those who wish to receive on the tongue are encouraged to sit on the Sacred Heart side of the church).
Keep your mask on and keep 6-foot physical distance even in the Communion line.
Remove mask when it is your turn to receive Holy Communion.
Communion will be under one species; we are taught that when we receive the Eucharist, whether under one species or two, we are receiving Christ fully-present, nothing lacking.
Hold your hands together, as if making a Throne to Receive Your Savior.
Please do not reach for the Host; allow the ministry to place into your hand.
All should consider receiving in the hands, due to health risks.
If you are receiving on the tongue, please try to sit on the Sacred Heart side of the church, in order to make the procession to Holy Communion more orderly.
When it is your turn, remove your mask, and place your hands below your chin, to receive the Host if it falls.
The minister will use hand sanitizer if there is a chance that physical contact has been made.

Departure: all are to maintain 6’ physical distancing as they leave Mass;
allow others to depart before you exit your pew; depart in a timely manner in order for the church to be sanitized.
You may exit out of any door. Do not gather in groups in foyer or outside to visit.  Keep mask on until you are in your vehicle.

If you stay at home, plan to attend/view the Mass on facebook


Our Masses are live-streamed and recorded;
Both are available on our Facebook page.


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