Science at the Doorway of Faith

We were privileged to welcome Father Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D. to the Cathedral of St. John Berchmans for two separate presentations on January 14th and 15th on the broad theme of “Science at the Doorway of Faith.” 
Father Spitzer spoke on the topics of Eucharistic Miracles, the Tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe and their scientific examinations. The presentations revealed fascinating information about the miraculous events.  
You are invited to watch the two presentations below. See for yourself, from a scientific perspective, evidence of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the Tilma. 
About Father Spitzer
A Jesuit priest, Father Spitzer holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy and is the former president of Gonzaga University. His primary work of the past several years has been devoted to educational methods that focus on science as a way of illuminating faith.
Father Spitzer is the host of a popular EWTN program, Father Spitzer’s Universe, and is President of The Magis Center, dedicated to ongoing initiatives to “turn the rising tide of unbelief in our culture through contemporary, rational, and science-based evidence.” 

Father Spitzer - Eucharistic Miracles

Father Spitzer - Tilma: Our Lady Of Guadalupe

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