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(Modified from a reflection originally written for the Church bulletin)

When I was young, every Sunday we would drive by a drugstore on the way to Mass. This was an old-fashioned drugstore in Cedar Grove.  It had large storefront windows on which were painted seasonal scenes and where sales were advertised. Inside the drugstore there was a food counter where you could eat a meal, have pie, ice cream and even a root-beer float.

Each Sunday we would check to see what had been drawn on the drugstore windows. The best day was always the Sunday we saw Santa Claus painted on one of the store’s large windows. It was our sign that Christmas was close and it brought joy to me, my brothers and my sisters.

Today the Catholic Church brings us joy. It has changed what we see. The vestments the clergy wear are not the normal advent purple but rose in color. We light the rose colored candle on our advent wreaths. Just as that drugstore changed the depictions on its windows to advertise a different season, today the Church is advertising joy! We hear the word “Rejoice” at the beginning of the Mass and rightly we should for the advent season is more than half over. Our preparation for the coming of the Lord will not be in vain. The Responsorial Psalm tells us that the Lord keeps faith forever.
Rejoice! God is sending us his saving Word.

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