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The Cathedral of St. John Berchmans is excited to announce that Greg Laroux and Bonnie Martinez will lead us in our Religious Education programs.

Greg will be taking on the role as Director of Religious Education and Bonnie as Assistant Director of Religious Education. Their combined experience, knowledge, organizational skills, passion for serving others and being stewards of our Catholic Faith will enhance our Religious Education programs. Greg was born in Shreveport. He is married to his wife Donna Laroux of 33 years, and has two children, Justin and Stephanie. While in the Diocese of Gary (Indiana), Greg participated in their Ecclesial Lay Ministry Program; he has been a Catechist for 4th and 7th Grade Religious Education, and he currently teaches RCIA and Adult Bible Formation at St. Joseph’s Church in Zwolle, Louisiana, where he is also a Reader and Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. Greg has held the position of Chairman of St. Mary’s Church Pastoral Council, President of St. Mary’s Catholic Men Groups and Chairman of St. Mary’s Church special events in Kouts, Indiana. He has a love and passion for service and helping his fellow neighbor.

Bonnie lives in Greenwood. She is married to her husband Jimmy Martinez of 44 years, has two children Dana and Ryan, and three grandchildren. Her service includes 17 years as a public school teacher, 2 years as Professional Development Specialist, 3 years as Assistant Principal for Instruction, and six years as a High School Principal. She is the President of the Western District Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Treasurer of the Holy Trinity St. Vincent de Paul Conference, Cathedral of St. John Berchmans’ a love and passion for teaching children and helping others.

The Cathedral Religious Education Director is responsible for coordinating the activities related to RCIA, Adult Faith Formation, VBS, and CCD. Initially, Greg and Bonnie’s primary focus will be CCD. We know that we must raise the bar in regards to proclaiming the “Good News” and assisting your children in their Faith Journey. They along with the Cathedral Staff are working diligently to prepare for the upcoming CCD year.

Meet and Greets are scheduled in July. They are designed for parents and children to visit with Greg and Bonnie and to ask any questions concerning religious education. A Religious Education Retreat and In-Service training is scheduled in August for Catechists, Teachers’ Aides and Volunteers. A meeting is scheduled in August for parents and their children to give them a snapshot of the 2018-2019 CCD Program.

A presentation on the upcoming year’s changes and expectations as well as a demonstration of the CCD format changes will be part of the snapshot. We are recruiting new Catechists, Teachers’ Aides and Volunteers in anticipation of CCD enrollment increasing. If you would like to volunteer, contact Greg and Bonnie at the Parish Office or visit with them at the Meet and Greets in July.

Greg, Bonnie and the Cathedral Staff are committed in providing assistance to our parents in their primary role as teachers of the Catholic Faith to their children. Both with the help of God’s passionate disciples are designing and making changes to the CCD Program format. The format will engage your child, bring them joy and happiness and most importantly strengthen their relationship with God.

When you see Greg and Bonnie, welcome them to our parish. Proclaim the Good News!

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