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Save the date!  2018 – the 25th of each month!   GOD, SEX, CATHOLIC CHURCH WEBSITE

Great Speakers:

January, Bishop Michael G. Duca, The Courage to Be Catholic, 6:30pm, St. Joseph Church, Shreveport

February, Dr. David Parker, Infertility, Technology, and the Church, 6:30pm, St. John Berchmans

March 19-21, Dumb Ox Ministries, Given Up for You, 9:30am & 6:30pm, St. Joseph

April, Dr. Christopher Manion, Myth of Overpopulation, 6:30pm, St. John Berchmans

May, Deacon Bruce Pistorius, Free Love is not Free, 6:30pm, St. Joseph

June, Patrick Coffin, No Birth & No Control, 6:30pm, St. John Berchmans

July, Bishop Joseph E. Strickland, The Truth is the Truth, 6:30pm, St. Joseph

August, Cassie Hammett, Sex Trafficking in Your Backyard, 6:30pm, St. John Berchmans

September, Lisa Cooper, The Hook-up Culture, 6:30pm, St. Joseph

October, Jason Evert, Called to Love, 6:30pm, St. John Berchmans

November, Shreveport/Bossier Ministries – To Love is To Serve – We Need You, 6:30pm, St. Joseph





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