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Let’s Pray for Vocations!

World Day of Prayer for Vocations is fast approaching. Pope Francis has asked the entire Church—1.2 billion Catholics—to earnestly pray for vocations on April 22.

The best thing you can do is to pray from the heart for the young men and women in our parish and diocese who are called to be brothers, sisters, and priests.

Secondly, you can encourage fellow parishioners to pray similarly—and to actually voice their encouragement directly to teens and young adults.

Thirdly, April 22 is a good day to pray for vocation o consider praying the Rosary for Vocations.

Ways to Pray the Rosary for Vocations

The Rosary is a hallowed prayer to meditate on Christ’s life as well as intercede for special intentions. Try these ideas to pray for vocations.

Idea #1 – Rosary for the Priests in Your Life

Here is a creative way to pray for the priests in your life.  Pray the first decade for the priest who baptized you, the second decade for the priest who gave you First Communion, the third for the priest or bishop who confirmed you, the fourth for the priest who witnessed your marriage or religious vows, (or the bishop who ordained you), and the fifth for the priest who will anoint you before death.

Idea #2 – Rosary to Intercede for Vocations

Offer meditations on the Luminous Mysteries for an increase in vocations: for each decade, focus on a particular vocation such as marriage or religious life.

Idea #3 – Rosary to Know My Vocation

Many people say praying a daily rosary helped them clarify God’s will for their vocations. Pray the rosary and ask God to help you discern your vocation.

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