St John Berchmans Beatification Anniversary

Blessed JB holy card side oneOn May 28, we celebrate the 102nd anniversary of our patron’s beatification.

St. John Berchmans, Servant of God died on August 13, 1621, and immediately numerous miracles were attributed to him, leading to the cause of his beatification.

Duke of Arscot, Don Philip d’Aremburgh was the first to present a petition to Pope Gregory XV and in January 1622 the beatification process was begun.

Thirty-six witnesses were summoned to give their testimony, all of whom had been personally acquainted with SJB and considered of the highest authority. Upon examining the proofs of the proposed miracles, “His Holiness, Pope Pius IX, graciously approved of them, by decreeing that the solemn beatification of the Servant of God, John Berchmans, could be proceeded with in perfect security”.

The cause for beatification was halted for a while, until, thanks to the examination of the miracles of St. John, and through his intercession, three were found to be true and indubitable miracles.  The Congregation of Cardinals unanimously agreed that the Venerable John (declared venerable on June 7, 1843) might be declared Blessed (on May 2, 1865).Pope Pius IX proclaimed his beatification on May 9, and the actual ceremony for beatification took place on May 28, 1865.

Devotion to Blessed John Berchmans renewed worldwide.

Read more about his life, beatification, miracles attributed to him and canonization.

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