Cathedral of St John Berchmans Youth CREW Mission Trip 2017

 Puerto Rico Mission Trip

Greetings this Sunday from PR! Read more about it below.

Cathedral of St. John Berchmans 发布于 2017年7月9日


In July 2017, the St. Johns Youth CREW will head to Puerto Rico to embark on their very first mission trip.  The CREW strives to be Catholics who are Ready, Equipped, and Willing to go out and serve the people of God. We know this trip will allow for them to be welcomed as part of a family as soon as they enter the catholic community of this Puerto Rico mission trip. The local pastors and churches are known for inviting Praying Pelican Missions teams into their homes and treating them as honored guests. This Mission will allow our team an opportunity to experience a rich culture and serve among a people with a great passion for the Lord.

These students want to embark on a life changing experience as they get to know a local pastor who is passionate about the ministry and community that God has called him to.  They will assist in ministering to that community by serving in relational ministry with the local children, orphanages, and even hospital ministries. The Praying Pelican Missions staff work to ensure that our team’s unique gifts will be used to meet a real need while we are on the ground serving in Puerto Rico. Not only will the local church and community be blessed in a tangible way, but our Youth CREW will come home with their hearts full.

Support the CREW so that they may serve, pray, laugh,  maybe even cry.  Everyone can remember a time in their own lives where they have made lasting memories and had amazing experiences that ignite their faith.  Help to set a fire in these student’s hearts so that they may seek a life of service, develop a prayerful spirit,  and radiate a passion and love of others, always.

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This is the promo video from Praying Pelican Missions for their work and service in Puerto Rico.

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