Seminar on End of Life Issues

Our seminar on planning for end of life issues (Saturday, July 15, 2017) was filled with information and resources to help parishioners and their loved ones plan funerals, learn the importance of wills, living wills and estate planning, and learn what the Church teaches about cremation.

Links :

Funeral Planning – What you need to know to Plan a Funeral at the Cathedral of St. John Berchmans (to be posted soon)

Estate Planning Essentials

Funeral Liturgy at St. John’s 

SJB Funeral Planning Worksheet (legal-size paper)


Information on the SJB Fall 2017 program: The NEW DAY Journal – A Journey from Grief to Healing

LCCB (Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops) “The Final Journey” and resources

   Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum Initiative  To improve end-of-life care in Louisiana by honoring the health care wishes and goals of care of those with serious, advanced illnesses

APPROACHING DEATH –  The Moral Choices


Highlights from the seminar:
– Who can offer Anointing of the Sick? A priest only
– Who can hear confession? A priest only
– Who can bring Holy Communion to my loved one? An EMHC, Deacon, Priest
– Frequent comment: “I was in the hospital and no one from my Church visited”  – please know that hospitals do not call the Church; the individual or a family member needs to call the office to notify us of hospitalization (per HIPAA laws).
– The Church  continues to prefer and encourage the faithful to bury the bodies of their departed loved ones. The Church allows for cremation.
– Consider joining our St. Raphael Guild (serve as greeters at funerals) or St. Michael Ministry (family meals for families who have lost a loved one.
– If you would like to donate your body to science, make arrangements in advance.
– It is important to have valid documents such as will, living will, advance directive and power of attorney.

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