Lenten Mission with Fr. Matthew Long

Fr. Matthew Long will present our Lenten Mission beginning Sun, March 12, after the 5:30pm Mass.  Mon- Wed sessions will begin at 6:00pm, with the concluding talk and Penance Service on Wednesday.

Conversion is a lifelong event in our lives from the time we pass through the waters of Baptism until  we enter the gates of Heaven we must be engaged in our conversion.  The Church in Her wisdom gives us the great season of Lent to keep us motivated on our journey of conversion.  There is no greater story of the journey of conversion for us to learn from than the conversion of Israel in the story of Exodus, from the moment they crossed through the waters of the Red Sea until they crossed the Jordan and entered Promised Land they were constantly engaged in conversion.  Join us as we use Israel’s conversion to teach us how to effectively engage in our own pilgrim journey of conversion as Christ’s chosen people.

In Christ,
Fr. Long“For I have resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ, and him crucified.” 1 Cor. 2:2

Please join us for these evenings as we focus our minds and hearts on Lent and our pilgrim journey.

Father Matthew Long 2017 Lenten Mission flyer as jpeg

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