Joining in prayer

praying handsWe continue to join with the nation and world as we pray for the victims of recent violence.  May their souls rest in peace.  We pray for their families, as they mourn their loss and pray for all who were injured, may their bodies heal.  

All are praying for the families and congregation of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, following the latest mass shooting.

We continue to pray for all who have been affected by violence in recent months and years, including those killed in Las Vegas, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida and in Louisiana and Texas.

Bishop Robert Muench of Baton Rouge noted this in a statement he issued following the 2016 shootings in the city, reminded the grieving how when our faith is shaken, our answer is Jesus:

“Prayer is a powerful path to follow when tragedy happens, but even the most devout of us sometime question: “What good could come of this?” he said, noting, “Only the Word of God has the answer to the questions that shake our faith: The answer is our Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus, hope ultimately triumphs over despair; love ultimately triumphs over hate; and resurrection ultimately triumphs over death.”


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