Registration/Census Form

A warm welcome is extended to new parishioners! We invite all parishioners to register with the Cathedral Office. Paper registration forms are also available at the Cathedral Office (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm), online (see right column) or in the Church (ask an usher).

Registration helps us to serve you! For example, when issuing letters verifying you are an active parishioner in connection with sponsorship of Baptism, Confirmation or Matrimony. Registered parishioners also receive all email and mailouts.  Please complete the registration form below, or print registration form and return to the Church Office.

Current parishioners, if  you need to update your family information, please email Carol with the info needing to be updated.

Returning families, we welcome you back.  Email Carol with your current contact info and list of family members.

Note: Sacramental info (year/location) will be helpful; exact dates are not required.

Parishioner Census Form

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Print-ready Registration/Census form

If you are a registered parishioner or a family returning to the parish, and need to update your information (address, phone number, email, return to active status, or add a member to your family), simply email Carol Gates,


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