Centenary’s Catholic Students

CCC.CCofLAThe Catholic Student Organization of Centenary College meets throughout the year.
Centenary College is located in the Cathedral Parish.
We extend a warm welcome to all students, faculty & staff to join us for any parish activity:
Mass, penance services, fellowship, discussions, bible study, retreats, etc

Fr. Peter Mangum is our CHAPLAIN, and, though not full-time on campus, is here for us day & night.
(d. 221-5296, ext. 101)   FYI: Fr. Peter attended Centenary, studied chemistry & played on the soccer team.

Cathedral Mass Schedule

Saturday Mass 4 pm
Sundays   8:30 am   11 am  5:30 pm
Weekdays    12:05
Holy Days  see our website
Confessions  Mon – Fri by appointment; Wednesday 11:40am-Noon;  Saturday 3:00 – 3:45 p.m.
Seasonal Penance Services
Adult Confirmation
(18 years and up)  RCIA Classes on Sundays.  Contact Deacon John Basco (email or office # 221-5296) for more information.

The integration of our faith into our college lives

  • Catholic identity at the heart of the universal Church
    Worship of God as lived out in the Sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist
    Prayer, both personal & communal, formal & informal
    Justice and integrity in our relationships

Our website:

Directions – St. John Berchmans & Centenary College

Our Patron:

St. John Berchmans  (1599 – 1621)
As a young student, John was eager to learn and naturally endowed with a bright intellect and a retentive memory, devoting much time to study. What distinguished him most from his companions, however, was his piety and faith. John performed ordinary actions with extraordinary perfection, purity, obedience and admirable charity.  Fourteen years after he was canonized a saint, the Jesuit community in Shreveport established, in 1902, our parish and a high school (now Loyola College Prep) and had the church consecrated in memory of their newly canonized saint, St. John Berchmans.  He is the patron saint of altar servers and an ideal patron for students who are eager to learn & deepen their faith.

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